Introduction of the Association

The Korea·CIS Entrepreneurs Association aims to provide domestic companies with beneficial information such as the government's policy to attract foreign investment and local conditions of CIS countries in Central Asia, and to assist domestic companies in resolving difficulties caused by language barriers and lack of local information. The association aims to become a bridge to connect competent domestic companies with overseas markets so that they can export their technologies and products. The association aims to help domestic companies secure a global competitive edge and lead the global market.


- A person or company who has completed the prescribed joining procedure in support of the purpose of establishment.
- A person or company who wishes to become a member shall fill out and submit a required membership application.

A courtesy to the members

- Invitation of Seminar and conference hosted by the association (Separately informed if it is a paid event)
- Offers the latest newsletter about CIS countries
- Advisory consulting on entering CIS countries

Major activity

1. Forming a government-affiliated task force for government agencies, industrial forces, and associations
2. Establishing a task force for industrial forces that communicates with the governments of Korea and CIS countries
3. Establishing a local support system for the members who want to enter the CIS countries

Membership Procedure

1. Submit a membership application form, copy of the business registration certificate, and company introduction
2. Approved by the Board of Directors and paid membership fees